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Hello. We are logo

We are small

We don't have many employees. We hire only the best and keep them happy. We believe in a friendly, fun company culture, and we practice it every day. We work as a team and we involve everyone in our design process. We often get together for a brainstorm. Sparks may fly.

We are local

We are based in Maputo, Mozambique. We're close to our clients, and we often meet with them in our office. We keep good relations with all our existing clients, and often meet over coffee. We don't walk away from finished projects; we keep looking how our work might be improved.

We are dedicated

We're in the software development business, and that is exactly what we do. There are no suits in this office. Our clients deal direct with the people who are actually going to build their software. We like to be to the point.

We work here

We work at

Elisa da Conceição


Elisa does our web work. She builds stand-alone websites, websites based on CMS platforms (both in-house and open-source) and web applications with complex databases.

Alexander van Oostenrijk


Alexander does his best to captain the ship. He designs and builds websites, desktop database, web applications, Android software, and everything else.

José de Morais


José is our desktop software specialist. He builds and maintains database application software as well as Android software.

Want to join us?


We hire with care

We've found that it pays to work only with very dedicated, very enthusiastic people. If you want to join us, you'll need to bring a lot to the table. We're always open for a chat, but to work at, you need to be the best. Of course, it goes both ways – you get to work with experienced, friendly people, and we have a lot of fun.

Web developers

We do a lot of web work. If the web is your thing, then make sure you are a solid, extremely creative designer who knows his HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript (jQuery etc.), as well as PHP. Thoroughly. Have some of your best work ready to show us – we'd like to see it. Are you an Android developer? Cool – show us!

UPDATE 23/09/2014 - We are now hiring! We are looking for a solid, creative PHP developer based in Maputo. Drop us a line to introduce yourself - we'll want to see your work.

Desktop & database

Are you a programmer to the core? We can talk if you've got deep experience with C# and .NET, plus a solid understanding of MySQL. Ruby is a plus. Java-only developers need not apply – we don't like Java.