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Organize Your Documents

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What is M-Files?

Constant creation a revision of different documents types can create chaos in your company. You spend time fighting redundancy, improving accessibility and mangaging sensitive information. M-Files allows you to manage, search and track documents more easily than ever before.

Who uses M-Files?

While is the official reseller for M-Files in Mozambique, M-Files is a global solution. It's used successfully by very large companies, including Thales, Tupperware, Rohde & Schwartz, O'Reilly & Associates and Bentley.

Why should I use it?

M-Files completely improves your document management process. It integrates fully into Microsoft Windows, allows working off-line with documents, categorizes documents with meta-data, offers super-fast, powerful search and provides version control.

M-Files Features

Ease of use

Ease of use

M-Files integrates directly into Windows Explorer, offering an instantly familiar user interface. The system's document respository appears as a virtual disk, and it's possible to directly drag and drop documents, email messages and other files into M-Files.



Documents are checked out so that no two people can work on the same document, while any change results in a new version, allowing you to study a document's history and rollback undesired changes. A full log is kept of all document interactions.



Document visibility can be limited to authorized users, while a flexible permissions system reduces human error. M-Files integrates nicely with Active Directory so you don't have to login multiple times. All data in the document respository can be backed up in one go.

Fast search

Fast, flexible search

M-Files allows fast search using keywords, where matches are made using document content (including PDFs) as well as metadata. Search criteria can be saved for reuse. Documents and objects can be visualized in any user-defined hierarchical structure, while the same document can appear in various logical folders – without duplication.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere

M-Files can be accessed from the desktop, through a browser, or through a mobile device. Documents can be marked for off-line use, allowing you to take a set of documents with you on a trip, work on them, and synchronize all your changes with the repository automatically when you return.

Metadata & templates

Meta-data & Templates

Documents can be grouped in a collection for easy access, and new documents can be based of shareable templates where meta-data is filled out in documents fields when a new document is created. M-Files manages more than documents: client data, project data, or virtually any data you can imagine.

Collaboration & workflow

Collaboration & Workflow

Workflows can be defined for comment document types so that they are automatically routed through departments, or pass approval steps. Inboxes can be created for employees, where documents wait for workflow interactions. Ad-hoc tasks can be sent between colleagues.

System integration

System Integration

Connections can be made to other CRM, ERP and finance systems. Documents can be imported straight from a scanner or multi-function printer, and email messages can be stored and organized in M-Files automatically straight from Microsoft Outlook.

Application integration

Application Integration

M-Files integrates transparently into any Windows software, like Office, CAD software and accountancy and stock systems, allowing users to access the document repository directly from the software. M-Files supports all document types, such and Word and Excel files, CAD models and designs, images, scans, emails and attachments.