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Stop. You are doing too much work

Does your company deal with surveys that require you to send people into remote areas to interview people? Do they carry stacks of paper forms to fill out? Is the data then copied into a database? Stop! You are wasting time doing the work twice, and human error will bring your data collection process to its knees.

Visualize survey flow

Imagine a software package that allows you to design your surveys graphically, visualizing the flow from question to question. A package that allows you to change question order and automate jumps between questions. Test surveys before launching them.

Go mobile

Take advantage of modern technology and publish your surveys to a secure server. From there, your employees can install the surveys locally on a smartphone or tablet, and conduct the surveys at any location.

Work off-line

Surveys installed on a Smartphone can be completed at any time – even without a network connection. SmartSurvey works as a phone and tablet application, not as a web page. Synchronize your completed surveys with the server when connectivity is available.

Data analysis

Collected data can be exported at any time, and as many times as you like, to Microsoft Excel, SPSS, XML and CSV formats. Work with your data using the software that suits you best.

SmartSurvey running on Android
SmartSurvey process

Server service

You don’t need a server - we’ll host your surveys on a secure high-bandwidth server (based in Mozambique), with solid uptime and daily backups so you can access your survey results anywhere and at any time.

Keep cost low

With SmartSurvey, you never spend more than you need to. Both desktop and smartphone/tablet software are free. You only pay a fee per survey conducted and synchronized. That way, our solution is affordable for both large and small companies.


  • Extremely flexible, visual survey design
  • Get rid of paper – stop entering paper survey results into a database
  • Eliminate human error
  • Allow staff to remain on-site rather than coming back to the main office to deliver survey results
  • Utilize existing smartphones and tablets

Save time and money

We’ll help you get set up and start making bullet-proof, efficient surveys. Contact today for a free demo.

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SmartSurvey desktop software screenshot